celebrating our favorite princess.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

I'm going to try and update the blog during this busy holiday season. Things are really kicking into high gear this week and there's no plans to slow down until December 26th...

So let's get started, shall we! Today we celebrated our favorite little princess, our niece Macy Joy. She's spunky, strong willed and full of J O Y. God knew we needed a little pink in our big sea of blue (two boys of our own and FOUR nephews). It's been so fun having my very own built in bestie for the past three years. I love spoiling her and will forever be her biggest fan!

We had a small family bday dinner post church today. I snapped this pic of the boys in front of the Fall trees and man, do they look so grown! I hope to snap a few more next weekend for Christmas card pics...

Frozen theme bc #obsessed and who's ready for Frozen II next weekend?

then there's this baby. my LORT I could eat him up with a spoon! 

the three amigos.

I mean wouldn't you give you him anything he asked for once he put that little hand out there? 
Whatever you want Skip! 

no one can resist this little grin!!!!!

Up next, Sugar kicks off gift guides this week. WOOHOO! I'll link them up here as best I can :) Stay tuned...


Friday, November 15, 2019

well darn.

while everyone else had a "BLOG-TOBER" , I guess I just took the entire month off (and now half of November too...). Life is busy. Life is FUN. I have finally allowed myself grace not to "do all the things" and to just focus on the fam...the friends...the biz...all of which makes my heart so happy. 

Now don't get me wrong. This little ol' blog does make my heart happy as well. When I look back at the past decade that I've blogged our family memories, I could tear up with happy tears of pure JOY. So I'll try to post updates here and there, but again the crazy retail holiday season is upon us so don't expect too much ;) 

What have we been up to over the past six weeks? 

Well....THREE concerts...THREE WEDDINGS...and ONE epic Halloween!

This isn't even all the pics, but man I have cherished the fun this Fall. Looking forward to a memorable Christmas up next....

"yeah life's pretty weird...life's pretty great. Life's pretty good if you live it" - Miranda Lambert

forever to thee.

Monday, October 7, 2019

Two weeks ago, Charlie experienced his very first Carolina game...WITHOUT ME! (cue the tears) Chad and I had a wedding to attend and my sister had four tickets. She wanted to take my mom and her boyfriend (also a huge Gamecock fan) while Mack, her husband, stayed back and took their kids. This left one available ticket so they thought why not take Charlie!!!!!!!!! Cade has been brainwashed transformed into a Clemson fan by Chad but I told him I would go down fighting for Charlie. So far, Charlie has proven to be a loyal Gamecock fan like his mama :) and let me tell you... he had THE. BEST. TIME at the game. 

He's slept with this little plush Cocky ever since and makes us play Sandstorm on YouTube then gets a kitchen towel to twirl around above his head (LOL). 

they even ran into George Rogers!

I would have loved to have gone with him to experience it with him like I did at Cade's first Carolina game, but I'm so glad he went and so thankful my sis hooked him up! 

Meanwhile Chad and I had a great time at Brandon & Ashley's wedding with friends too...

next up, Cade's FIRST CONCERT!


Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Can you believe it? We're less than three months to Christmas people.

*cue the Mccaulay Culkin Home Alone scream*

If you're hopping over from Sugar's blog, welcome! I've blogged for ten whole years now, so what better time to link up so you could have a a glimpse into what life is like "outside of Sugar". 
Spoiler alert: it's not always as glam as things seem inside the boutique. We're actually a super simple fam with a house full of camo, trucks and trains since we have two sweet boys. I love having the best of both worlds. This blog is where I document all of our fun!

 Today I'm dishing out some of my favorite Fall/Halloween decor pics from the past few years, favorite costumes and even treats to get us in the festive Halloween spirit. It's always been one of my favorite holidays!

F A V O R I T E   D E C O R

Our front porch decor from last year. I'm holding out to purchase mums this year until the temps cool down just a bit. Still 95 degrees here in SC. Someone make it stop.

a look at my husband's man cave/ shop from last year...

I keep a wooden dough bowl on our foyer table and fill it with random pumpkins, leaves & picks

chalkboard / sideboard in our breakfast nook

F A V O R I T E   H A L L O W E E N   E V E N T S

one of my all time favorite halloween parties took place last year at Sugar. It was our "Pink-O-Ween" Wine Down Wednesday that celebrated several customers/friends that were breast cancer survivors and a % of sales went to our local Self Memorial Breast Cancer Foundation. We donated just under $1k from sales that evening and it was a ghoulish girls night out! 

These fabulous cookies were my favorite by the talented Anomaly's Custom Sweets.

If you're local , we will host another fun October Wine Down Wednesday on October 23rd, complete with a pumpkin beer tasting. We will also donate 15% of all sales from the evening to Self Memorial Breast Cancer Foundation. 

F A V O R I T E   T R E A T S

each year I love making this Halloween Popcorn Bark because it's so easy and oh-so-good

also found this cute coffee mug at Walmart last year ...

F A V O R I T E   C O S T U M E S

When our oldest, Cade, celebrated his first Halloween at just nine months we dressed him up like a little lobster and put him in a big ol' pot for my husband Chad to tote around. It was really an inexpensive costume that may have cost me a total of $25 for both the lobster + chef costume. Still one of my all time favorites.

then there was the year Cade was so obsessed with Christmas that he asked to be a Christmas tree. "Hmmmph" I thought..." I can do this"... says every mom ever when attempting an epic DIY costume failure. It really turned out ok, A little star headband + a whole lotta felt fabric + pom poms. It was just that I had no idea where to put the battery pack for the battery operated lights soooo...his little face says it all! (and now I can't stop laughing...)

one year I dressed them in inexpensive Target monkey costumes and then found this cute tee on Etsy.

Then quite possibly my absolute fav was last year when my two boys + my niece & nephew dressed up as the Toy Story crew! Can. not. handle the cuteness. Gosh, they had the best time...

"You've got a friend in me..."

So what do you guys have planned this Fall? Here's a fun bucket list from Jessica Garvin to help you get started...

Now, bring on the cooler temps. We've got fun sweaters, coats, vests and more from Sugar we're ready to wear. Shop NEW ARRIVALS here!


welcome to new york.

Monday, September 30, 2019

Alexa, play "Taylor Swift : Welcome to New York" 

our theme song for this fun work/girls trip and we aren't even big T Swift fans!

I've always wanted to attend Coterie Market to order fun apparel for Sugar. Over the past eleven years, I've attended apparel markets in Vegas and mostly Atlanta because of convenience, but never have I ever visited Coterie. Some of my girlfriends and I had talked about how we wanted to visit NYC again so badly (my friend Beth and I had not been in 16 years!!! Our one and only NYC trip ever) so I mentioned that I'd love to go to Coterie and maybe that would be the perfect girls trip too.

Two of our girlfriends that we rarely get to see (my college roomie/sorority sister/bff  in Tampa + bff in N Myrtle Beach) celebrate birthdays in September and we've all four traveled to West Palm together, Atlanta market trips, etc to celebrate birthdays and continue our "squad" travels ;) 

So the plans were set. Beth and I flew out of GSP around 8am Saturday Sept 14th and our Tampa + NMB gals, Cameron and Heather were set to land just an hour or so after us. 

We dropped off our bags at our hotel, NOMO Soho, and immediately walked over to Black Tap for lunch and the "crazy shakes" I'd seen (and drooled over) all over Instagram.

hands down, best fried pickles in. my. entire. life. gah, everything was sooo good...

and yes, that's a big ol' slice of confetti cake on TOP of a milkshake. Highly recommend checking out Black Tap if you're ever in NYC, Vegas or Disneyland...

After our long yummy lunch, we had tickets for the 9/11 Museum at 3pm. When Beth and I visited NYC 16 years ago in May of 2003, the tragic events of September 11th was still a very new wound in NYC. Blocks were roped off with caution tape, debris everywhere, buildings with what looked like ginormous sheets draped over them. It was definitely just as moving to see the new World Trade memorial. The museum was amazing. We didn't do the guided tour, but we were definitely able to walk around at our own pace.

we went back to the hotel to check into our room, relax a little and get ready for dinner...

views from our room at Nomo Soho

oh AND being a Saturday, we had to watch our Gamecocks...

we left out for dinner reservations at Mercer Kitchen. 

This is the entrance to Nomo Soho. Gorgeous!

my outfit: Karlie Wild Time Bodysuit + BuddyLove Madonna Faux Leather Skirt + these amazing Valentino dupes by Sole Society that I had so many comments about. They look identical to the real deal.

I ordered the salmon with cheese grits and it was phenomenal. 

The next morning I left the gals to room service and sleeping in, while I headed out to Coterie! 

outfit of the day, but unfortunately this Karlie dress is sold out. so comfy

it's located at the Javitz Center and wowwwww. Amaze.

I had appointments with some of my regular accounts (Spanx, Z Supply etc...) but found a few new fun lines too that I'm really excited about. I spent the entire morning and into the afternoon getting lots of ordering done!

Next up, I ubered over to The Plaza to meet the girls for lunch / champs after a day of hard work ;) 
First time at The Plaza and again, wowzers...

the Eloise portrait

front lobby

Palm Court bar/restaurant where you can get the infamous afternoon tea. 

Palm Court was booked with afternoon reservations but we were able to find a table at the Champagne Bar and order small plates + the best (and most expensive ;) mimosas ever. 

After a long break in the day, we were geared up to walk over to Top of the Rock, Rockefeller Center, etc...

St Patricks Cathedral

pics are out of order, but this is from Top of the Rock! The best views...

Rockefeller Plaza...

really fun experience...

had to take a pic for my mom, because she's OBSESSED with The Today Show!

we were so hot at this point because it ended up being way warmer that afternoon that we thought, so we walked around the block to Magnolia Bakery because I had to get my hands on their magic banana pudding...

it. was. delish. 

We went back to the hotel to quickly change and head over to Rosé Mansion...

just sold the last one of my Crosby dresses this week too! such a fun dress that I knew would be perfect for Rosé Mansion

such a fun experience. tickets are like $35ish bucks and you receive a wine glass once you get there and walk through eight rooms sampling eight different types of rosé.

It was so fun and the perfect "girls trip happy hour". After Rosé Mansion, we walked over to SaraBeths on Park Avenue. I ordered the three course fixed menu and picked the tomato soup as a starter because I had heard so many good things about it. Definitely the BEST I've ever had in my life!!!! Gah, still dreaming about it...

then we walked just a block over to 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar where we had reservations too around 10pm. Wasn't too busy being a Sunday night...

before we headed to the airport, I knew I wanted to have brunch over at Jack's Wife Freda. FUN FACT: Chad's granddad Jack (passed away three years ago and our little Charlie is named after him : Jack Charles McClain) was married to Frieda (still living and a precious, precious soul) so I thought it was so neat that there was a restaurant named after someone else's grandparents who were also Jack & Freda :) 

Crosby Tucker Top + BuddyLove jeans (sold out) + Steve Madden neon pink mules
Then it was time to head to the airport! As sad as I was to tell my girls goodbye, I was ready to see my babies and brought them home so many fun goodies. Their NYPD hats were the favs.

Until next time, NYC. I promise you it won't be another 16 years before I go back...
Ready to plan another trip ASAP!

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