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Monday, September 9, 2019

"cuz a little bit of Summer's what the whole year's all about..."

baby bro is married!!!

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

*cue car screeeeech*

Wait, what? I have a younger brother?

Yes. Haven't talked about my half brother Will in a while here on the blog because unfortunately we hardly ever get to see each other even though we're just a few hours apart. He met now wife, Blair, about a year ago and they fell heavy and hard in love and decided to get married. We've all met his previous girlfriends , welcomed them into our homes, etc... and I can honestly say God definitely sends you the right one and when you know, you know. Maybe it was "love at first sight" but he knew first thing that he was going to marry Blair! 

They are so incredibly happy together and if you're an older sibling too, then you know there's not much more that makes you happy than seeing your own children or younger siblings so happy. Courtney and I were so excited to finally meet Blair and celebrate them a few weeks ago at their wedding in Aiken, SC.

Chad couldn't get out of work that Saturday, which I was super bummed about since we needed to leave around 3pm, then Mack (my bro in law) just stayed back as well to help with the kids so Court and I could go together and have some QT with our once-step mom Lynn, her husband Mark, Will, Blair, etc...(yes, y'all I could write a book on my parent's relationships/marriages/life story. It would be a good one. HA :)

So we allowed ourselves plenty of time and actually got there quite early. Once we saw the venue and noted the ceremony was outside in the hot 95+ degree Summer sun, we immediately did a U-turn and went back to the Mexican restaurant we just passed for a potty break + quick margarita. Oh yes, this is how we roll...

it really was a beautiful venue in a large barn with stunning chandeliers and string lights...

We did get to speak to Will before the ceremony and give him a big ol' hug. He was soooo nervous, poor thing. What a handsome young man he is. He looks so much like my daddy, but also Lynn's dad...both had dark, dark hair and dark eyes. I just teared up the entire ceremony because I wished so badly daddy could have been there beside his only son, his baby boy...on his special day.

Luckily, Lynn remarried an amazing guy, Mark, and he has been such an awesome father to Will. He was his best man and continues to raise him up right! We are so thankful for him. Will is 13 years younger than me and was soooo young when daddy passed (also was in the same room with him when his heart attack happened) so he has definitely dealt with so much immeasurable grief, anxiety and sadness following that tragedy. 

We know daddy was shining down from above on these two and ohhhhh, how happy he would be!

his presence was definitely felt and he will ALWAYS, always always be our guardian angel. Some may not believe in angels here on earth, but I 100% do and have so many times I can recount that he's been there for us over the past decade to keep us safe!

Blair is just the absolute sweetest! We couldn't be more excited and happy for them...

with Will's mom, Lynn...

also my Lord, TIME FLIES!!!!!

August 16th 2008 vs. August 17th 2019

Many miles may come between us...time may pass and we may not see each other as much as we would like, but family is family. Again if you have siblings, you know what I mean. We'd all take a bullet for one another, walk to the ends of the earth for one another and we wouldn't have missed pinching those sweet cheeks just one more time on his wedding day. 

So much love to them both and we can't wait to plan a fun beach weekend in IOP so we ALL can be together and spend even more quality time together soon!


b a c k t o s c h o o l

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

and just like that it was time for back to school...

first up, we had blessings of the backpacks at church the Sunday before school started...

then we had one last boat day on the lake that afternoon!

lucky for us, the kids did have a day of rest since school didn't start til the following Tuesday!

first up, our big boy Cade began SECOND GRADE! Man, he just seems SO grown this year...

His teacher this year is Mrs Hall, whose daughter was co-captain cheerleader along with me and one of my very best friends in high school. She's been teaching for almost forty years and is one of the very best! So excited for a great year with some of his best friends in his class too...


then on Wednesday it was our baby Charlie's turn! He could have started preschool last year at 3 years old, but because of his late birthday (in July) we decided to start him a year later. He's going to the same preschool at the Due West ARP Church that's literally just at the end of our road, on the way to Cade's school .

 It's so convenient and the teacher, Mrs. Becky, and her assistant are so good. Cade learned SO much and it definitely prepared him for preschool + we think it will be so good for Charlie socially since he's only stayed with my mom since 6 months, unlike Cade who was at an in-house daycare with so many other kids. Can't wait to see what he learns this year!

He loved his new book bag and loves being "as big as Cade"

he had a GREAT first day, no tears and loved snack time the best :) "goldfish, a muffin and orange drink..." he said...

Couldn't be more thankful that they both are excited about school and praying for ALL faculty + students to have a wonderful school year! 

one skirt :: two ways.

Friday, August 23, 2019

Midi skirts continue to be a huge trend and we just received this FUN spotted one at Sugar this week that I'm obsessed with. $39.99 | S, M, L

Click here to shop and check out all the ways to style it. Dress it up, dress it down!
So versatile and even great with an oversized yummy black sweater later...

the perfect style to transition into Fall...

// eleven years //

Thursday, August 22, 2019

On August 16th we celebrated ELEVEN YEARS of marriage. 


Man, time flies. Everyone says that but y'all the older I get , the more it rings true.

We really do look back at wedding pics and think "Dang, wasn't this just yesterday?" It's surreal.

To celebrate, we had a super quick Mexican date then I even met up with a vendor to pick up handmade coconut wax candles that I'm going to sell at Sugar. Chad laughed and said even on date night, I'm always hustling ;) After that we went to the IMAX theater to see "Hobbs & Shaw" (spin off from the Fast & Furious crew). It was kinda meh, but since we've seen literally every Fast & Furious movie together over the past eleven years we knew we had to see it. Definitely jam packed action...

He surprised me with the prettiest roses, a true surprise because he never buys me flowers but you never know what you'll get with him. He also had the new Natural Light Catalina Lime Seltzers beside it! LOL I die. They're actually really good. Very refreshing!

and I also bought myself this book for the occasion just because back to school = I wanna brush up and learn a few new tricks myself too. #neverstoplearning

For a big anniversary gift we purchased an electric pole saw to cut limbs and shrubs (read: for CHAD to cut limbs and shrubs and me supervise while sipping those Natty Light seltzers...) because that's what couples/homeowners married eleven years do ;)

Cheers to #11 

#kenziesbachbash // Charleston, SC

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

August 8-11th we went to IOP to celebrate the bride to be, Kenzie! She's marrying Chad's bff, Casey, in October and she's been a part of the crew for years since they first met in Oklahoma (where she's  originally from and where they met on his fishing excursions). All of the bridesmaids pitched in to plan an epic weekend and one of our friends graciously offered up her beach house in IOP for us to stay at. SO nice! Here's the invitations I scored on Etsy that featured all the Bach details on the back...(itinerary, lingerie details + game plans, etc...)

her Oklahoma bridesmaids made epic swag bags and the cutest tanks...

the cutest, yummy cookies too...

Ok so let's back it up for a run down of the weekend...

First up, I left work early that Thursday and drove down that afternoon. Her OK gals + Lessie (who owns the house) came in on Wednesday, then most everyone else came down at some point on Thursday.

I stopped at Harris Teeter and the clouds were ridiculous...

as soon as I left, the bottom. fell. out. (least, that's what us Southerners say)  I made it to the beach house and pulled under the garage where the gals had just come off the beach. We sat down there and watched the crazy storm, meanwhile two friends of ours that were going into Harris Teeter as I came out, got STUCK inside for nearly an hour. They said the manager handed out snacks. BAAAHAHA

It was crazy hail and torrential downpour. Insane wind too! Seriously, this is the pic our two friends took as they were finally in route from Harris Teeter to the beach house. Check out that flooding...(and the rainbow)

the calm after the storm... soooo much water on the beach. This was not high tide.

the gorgeous beach house, but during the storm guess what? the power went out. YEP. It was off for hours so we stayed outside enjoying the beach until dark...

We had planned on going to Morgan Creek for dinner but when the power went out we just ordered pizza and had a dance party in the dark...haha I think this is when the power finally came back on...

Lessie decorated the entire house and did a phenomenal job! Everything was amazing, from the big decor to the signs on our assigned rooms...

Friday we had a beach day aaalll day  + Maggie cooked dinner Friday night (Mexican + we did margaritas) then we played games and had a fun lingerie shower for Kenzie! Apparently I wasn't very good at getting pics this day (and to be honest not a lot was G Rated for pics anyways, so let's just leave that as one heck of a pajama party girls night - the best)

The next day, we decided to beach it again since her OK gals went sightseeing on Thursday before we got there. We posed in our cute new tanks...

then that evening we all had fun getting ready together and the Charleston Cool Bus picked us up at 7:30 to take us into downtown Charleston...

so the Charleston Cool Bus was recommended by customers/friends of mine and was the best price for a party bus. It's basically a school bus they've gutted and put pontoon seats (I mean hellooo she IS marrying a professional fisherman) in + tiki hut decor. Warning: it''s a bumpy ride so grab your drinks, play your music loud and hold. on. Gosh, I think we had more fun on the party bus than anywhere else! 

seriously, so much fun. we blasted 90s jams (a lot of Salt-N-Pepa, Dixie Chicks and more...) and had the best time...

on Saturday night I had arranged for private dining (aka just about the only option you're going to get in downtown Charleston on COFC move in weekend when calling to reserve two weeks out. My advice: call two MONTHS prior to your big party event) All in all the private dining worked out to be amazing and I can't say enough great things about The Macintosh! The food was incredible and the staff was the most polite, attentive wait staff I've ever had in Charleston. They were amazing. 

We had family style dining for a set price per person. Highly recommend this for a large group (we had 13) since we didn't have to wait hours upon hours for our meal on a busy Saturday night. Preplanned, quick, easy and delish. Again, this is the way to go.

The "Mac Crunch" a yummy chocolate mouse with a chocolate covered potato chip on top + potato chip crust. The perfect combo of salty and sweet. Do not miss this specialty dessert!

after dinner we walked just across the street to REPUBLIC, where we had a VIP booth to dance the night away... (or just sit and drink the night away bc #weold)

last women standing. everyone waiting on the cool bus after a long, fun night!

Sunday some of the gals had to head back home but I stayed on a bit for a boat ride + lunch at Red's at Shem Creek. It was fun to show the OK girls around The Battery, explain why Charleston is called "The Holy City", etc... 

a really fun day UNTIL there came up another storm... y'all it was so bad...

We BARELY made it back to the marina without being struck by lightning. It was streaking down from the sky , popping all around the boat we literally were tucked down screaming and crying because we thought we were going to die. (dramatic, maybe) Seriously scary though! Never had lightning that close and the irony was Imagine Dragon's "Thunder" was playing on the boat. 
(*cue palm to the forehead emoji now...)

So Lessie drove the golf cart with our captain and his girlfriend to get them to safety and I was in charge of the other golf cart...with no front windshield.... I literally wore these sunglasses to keep the salty rain out of my eyes as much as possible but I could. not. see. It was so bad , it was comical and I'm glad we can laugh about it now.... 

what a way to end the weekend, of course we had to take a photo to prove we SURVIVED!

so THAT is the s*&%-storm that was Kenzie's IOP Bach Weekend! 
Our motto: We survived!!!!!!!! (still recouping, but we survived...)

Next up, our anniversary weekend...

Happy Hump Day and BACK TO SCHOOL WEEK!
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