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Monday, June 25, 2012

Well Mr. Cade has rolled...and rolled...got stuck under coffee tables...and rolled some more...
Are 4 1/2 month olds suppose to be into everything already? I am in for it.

Enjoyed more Summer days outside and in the pool

cheered on the Gamecocks! Woohoo! This is his "nervous face"

Loved being outside in the new walker Grami bought for him
 {$5 from a yard sale}

...learned how to flip over in the bouncy seat and grab the formula when mommy's not looking.

said his prayers before bedtime...

and he helps me water flowers almost daily so we can watch our flowers grow...and grow some more!

He also tried on flip flops for the first time. They were a little big but cute, nonetheless.

"Wheres my swim trunks? I got my flippy floppies"
Then this past weekend we also attended the wedding of friends Nick & Jana. 
How cute are they in the photobooth? Rock stars. All the way. Love them.

handsome men. 
{Reception was at Greenwood photographer Jon Holloway's Sundance Gallery & photography studio. That photograph behind them is my favorite. That's actually Jon's mom! Hilarious}

me and my sis in law wearing Lilly from Sugar of course!

me and sweetbef
A little photobooth fun...

Chad and I didn't manage to take a decent picture all night. This is the best we got :) 
Yes, we are crazy. This is so us.

It was a fun night with friends and we're so happy for Nick & Jana.
 Congrats again guys!

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