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Monday, October 7, 2019

Two weeks ago, Charlie experienced his very first Carolina game...WITHOUT ME! (cue the tears) Chad and I had a wedding to attend and my sister had four tickets. She wanted to take my mom and her boyfriend (also a huge Gamecock fan) while Mack, her husband, stayed back and took their kids. This left one available ticket so they thought why not take Charlie!!!!!!!!! Cade has been brainwashed transformed into a Clemson fan by Chad but I told him I would go down fighting for Charlie. So far, Charlie has proven to be a loyal Gamecock fan like his mama :) and let me tell you... he had THE. BEST. TIME at the game. 

He's slept with this little plush Cocky ever since and makes us play Sandstorm on YouTube then gets a kitchen towel to twirl around above his head (LOL). 

they even ran into George Rogers!

I would have loved to have gone with him to experience it with him like I did at Cade's first Carolina game, but I'm so glad he went and so thankful my sis hooked him up! 

Meanwhile Chad and I had a great time at Brandon & Ashley's wedding with friends too...

next up, Cade's FIRST CONCERT!

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